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Amazing Vacations
In order to take your vacation you are required to pay 12 instalments of R399 per month. However, you may book your vacation three months prior to the 12th instalment. If you would like to book your holiday even earlier you may pay your 12 instalments in full and we will book your vacation straight away.

Amazing Mini Breaks
You may redeem your Mini Break as one 4-night stay, or two 2-night stays at different times of the year.

Once you have paid 3 installments of R275 per month you qualify for a 2-night stay. After 9 installments, you qualify to for the second 2-night stay, or the full 4 nights, if you have not taken a Mini Break yet. You need to redeem your 4 nights within one year after qualifying.

Don't want to wait?
Should you wish to book your holiday before the anniversary of your membership, you can pay your subscription fees upfront and book your holiday straight away!

Important Information
All vacations and Mini Breaks are subject to the availability of units. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a unit will be available on your preferred date.

However, past statistics reflect sufficient availability of vacation units when a fully paid up member is ready to make use of their vacation benefit.

(Note: past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance.)

Based on our current statistics the occupancy rate for the next 12 months is 54.11% in season and 16.34% out of season. 'In season' refers to all school holidays (public and private), as well as long weekends or a week containing more than one public holiday. Please take into consideration that occupancies are naturally higher in school vacation periods. Mini Breaks can only be taken during low season.

Subject to a booking fee and a refundable breakage fee. Regret no pets.